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Our visitor management system is a software solution that helps businesses and organizations to manage the flow of visitors in a safe and organized way. It allows businesses to track and record the entry of visitors, assign and manage access permissions, and ensure compliance with security and safety regulations.

The system can include features such as check-in/out, pre-registration, identification verification, and badge printing. Our system can be accessed through a web portal, or a physical check-in kiosk.

Visitor management systems can be used in a variety of settings, including office buildings, retail stores, schools, hospitals, and government facilities.

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We capture and store information safely and securely in line with GDPR & POPI Act requirements, so you don't have to.

No need to capture data manually from paper logs. When visitors sign in, their information is saved securely to the cloud.



Regulations might require that your visitors sign an NDA, agree to site policies, etc. Customize the sign-in process to meet your needs.


Keep everyone in the building safe with real-time alerts, should an emergency evacuation be required.


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How it works

Visitors are presented with a visitor management tablet at the sign-in point. They are prompted to provide details relating to their visit in order to enter the building.

  • T&C's, Health & Safety, NDA

    Visitors must read and accept digital agreements, as necessary, to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

  • Capture details

    Present your visitors with one or more touch-screen devices (such as tablets) to enter their details and who they are visiting.

  • Notify

    The relevant employee is notified instantly about who is there to visit them and where they are waiting.

Notify & Log

Digitising the process means there’s no more guesswork. Keep a detailed record of each visitor and automate the process of alerting staff when visitors are waiting for them.

  • Employee Notifications

    Employees receive a personalized text message in real-time when a visitor has arrived to see them. Quick, efficient and unobtrusive.

  • Vendor Notifications

    Vendors are notified when their staff members arrive at a client site or location (optional).

  • Detailed Logs

    A complete record of each person that entered and exited keeps the building secure, safe and ensures compliance with local legislative requirements if required.

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