Cloud Queue Management

Our cloud-based queue management system is a software solution that utilizes cloud computing resources to manage and handle visitors in a virtual queue. It allows businesses, such as retail stores, government offices, or healthcare facilities, to manage the flow of visitors in a safe and organized way.

The system allows visitors to check-in, receive an estimated wait time, and receive notifications when it is their turn to be served.

Our system also provides managers with real-time analytics and data on visitor flow, wait times, and service times, which can be used to optimize operations and improve the visitor experience.

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Cloud Queue Management is web-based - it's as simple as logging in to a website on your own hardware. No need to involve your IT team.

Continuously measure and improve your visitors' queuing experience with reporting and instant alerts.



Display useful information and/or advertising to your waiting visitors, keeping them informed or entertained while they wait (optional).


Create a relaxed environment and reduce pressure on visitors and staff by providing an easy and fair way to queue.


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Visitors are presented with your services on a self-service kiosk or receptionist device (tablet or PC). They are then prompted to provide details relating to their visit to join the queue.

  • Self-service or Reception

    One or more touch-screen devices (such as tablets) offers visitors the ability to join the queue themselves, or assign a team member assist visitors using your existing reception computer systems.

  • Visitor Details

    Capture relevant info such as an order number, member or file numbers, etc. This lets back office staff begin preparing while the customer waits, streamlining processes and increasing visitor throughput.

  • Ready Made Kiosks

    We supply nifty kiosks - get in touch for details on what we have to offer.


Visitors are kept informed of the queue status on screens in the waiting area and receive personalized text messages on their mobile phone (optional), giving them the opportunity to better utilize their waiting time.

  • Manager Alerts

    Notify managers of excessive visitor waiting or assisting times, long queues, and poor visitor experience feedback (in real-time!) helping you implement service recovery at the moment of truth.

  • Queue Displays

    Queue displays show visitors where they are in the queue with personalized audible and visual call notifications when they are called by a staff member. Optional internal screen displays keep back office staff aware of the real-time queue status.

  • Text Message Options

    Send text messages as frequently as needed - like when joining the queue, nearing the front of the queue, and when being called by a staff member. Let visitors provide valuable insight into their experience by sending a Tell Us survey link in a "Thank you" text message at the end of their visit (optional).

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Armed with information about their next visitor, staff can add a personal touch by greeting their visitor by name. The system will provide additional information about the visitor, including how long they have been waiting to be assisted and any other pertinent information that was captured when they joined the queue.

  • Staff-Specific

    Pre-configure the Cloud Queue Management System to take advantage of team member strengths and service experience.

  • Staff Interface

    Team members can see how many visitors are waiting in each queue as well as the details of the visitor they are calling forward. In addition, team members have visibility over one another's status and can see who is assisting a visitor, where they are located, and who is not currently busy.

  • Staff Control

    Call visitors, forward to other queues, park no-shows to be called again later, or call specific visitors. Create audit trails of log-in and log-out times for predefined reasons such as lunch, bathroom breaks, shift start/end, etc. for performance management purposes.


Get valuable Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) with our daily, weekly and monthly reporting delivered straight to your inbox, giving you information like Total Transactions, Average Waiting Time, Average Serving Time, and much more.

  • Live Overview & Custom Period

    View consolidated stats in real-time or for a custom period, showing current & historic KPI's as well as trended comparisons.

  • Results by Category

    Drilled-down statistics on service options, specific staff members and multiple locations helps you to improve visitor experience and workforce planning.

  • Benchmark Performance

    Set targets like high and low wait times for your team members to perform against, creating a healthy competitive environment.

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